I had a moment in the shower the other day because that is the only place where I can cry privately. The tears were right under the surface for weeks, but I finally let them flow. An ugly cry, the kind that releases some of the sadness and washes it down the drain along with the shampoo that I’m not even sure made it into my hair.

Life has been beating me up and the final blow came like a punch in the face. Actually, it was a forearm straight to the bridge of my nose while coaching gymnastics. The x-ray showed a severely fractured nose and a deviated septum. This was not the first hit I’ve taken.

Two years ago, I was a spectator at a men’s league soccer game and was hit square in the face by a missed goal kick.
And no one in my high school graduating class will forget when I was hit by one of the caps on its way up at full force from someone standing right in front of me. Are graduates still even throwing those things? Ah!

I have survived trauma in the past, but the timing of this is almost laughable. Los Angeles is an expensive, crowded, challenging place to live. We had just gotten notice that the rent on our 1 bed/1 bath apartment is going up another 10% and we are not financially in a place to re-sign for another year. Moving is stressful and other apartments that would welcome six people are difficult to find. Frustrating.

I had just started coaching tumbling at a dance school, so that our girls could attend for free. I also offered private lessons for extra money to help pay the bills. Crack! So much for that extra income for awhile…

Now I’m recovering from surgery and getting the long plastic tubes removed from my nose tomorrow.

I know it’s in seasons like this where true grit comes from. I am reminded that families are going through awful things all around us and I’m so grateful for the smiling faces and loving husband who are taking care of me. We will press through these challenges and lean on our faith in a loving God. This journey has been an un-mapped trail run; beautiful and treacherous with bridges and rapids and rest areas and ferocious animals. We keep running and carrying each other along the way…broken bones and all.

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