Renovations are awesome; take a picture of something crummy, fix it and take another picture for all to enjoy. What’s not awesome?  All the behind-the-scene problems: asbestos, lead paint, leaky plumbing, termite damage…no one wants the details about that stuff. Just show us the fancy.

My life is being renovated. I’ve taken a break from pictures and sharing, not because people don’t care about the messy, but because I needed to refocus on the calm and simple: shoulders down, deep breaths, and smiling often. Peacefulness.

We took one last trip to Los Angeles a few weeks ago to haul Andy’s motorcycle out of storage. This was the last of our belongings to be moved, so we decided to make a fun weekend out of it. We booked a room at one of our favorite places, The Queen Mary. This iconic ship was once the fanciest mode of transportation on the planet. Presidents, celebrities, and the wealthy paid thousands of dollars to travel in luxury between New York City and England.

These days, the ship is under complete renovation. We couldn’t view huge sections because they were covered with tarp and caution tape. We stayed in the fanciest room, but the TV didn’t work (oh well) and our pizza delivery guy couldn’t find us (it’s a big ship). I took a fancy picture, but what you don’t see is the trip to urgent care for a child a few days later as a result of an allergic reaction to bed bugs. Ugh! We also got a flat tire in the middle of the desert between California and Arizona, but that’s another story…

Life renovations are not complete until we take our last breath, but the quick snapshots of joy along the way are beautiful. There is a lot of messiness behind-the-scenes, but fostering relationships, renewing your mind and finding peace in the chaos are worth the effort. Maybe some caution tape and tarp are required, but the reveal is amazing!

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