Active Rest

Ogre Chops

Wide stance, bent knees, chest up, move the weight athletically.

Punches From The Guard

From the jujitsu guard, punch upward as quickly as possible.

Ski Jumps

Keep weight on the forefoot, lightly move like an Olympic skier.

Small Ball Athletic Reaction

Stay low, on your forefeet, react to the bounce of the ball

Sprawls and Punches

Drop to belly, pop up and throw 3 quick punches.

Sprawls and Kicks

Drop to belly, pop up and alternate front kicks each time.

Small Ball Balance Toss

Playing catch with yourself can build core strength!

TRX Burpees

Single leg in foot cradle. Fight to remain in control!

TRX MMA Burpees

Advanced movement, first master the burpees!

TRX Mountain Climbers

Elongate each leg each rep for complete range of motion.

TRX Launchers

Compact yourself at the start of this movement, then explode up and out, using the TRX for control.

TRX Switch Jumps

Use arms in handles for stabilization and support.

Bunny Hops

Keep weight on the forefoot, bouncing quickly and lightly.

Dumbbell Knee Strikes

Light Dumbbells, alternating knees.

5 Cone Drill

A great way to train your agility, quickness, and energy systems.

Froggy Push-Ups

Don’t worry about extension in this “active rest” movement, yor are pushing the engine to move quickly.

Heavy Ball Slams

Reach as high as you can, on your toes, then explode downward with all your might. But beware the bounceback- don’t throw it back toward your face!

Single-Leg Burpees

A great challenge- make sure you alternate legs equally.

Ball Toe Taps

Normally done with a soccer ball, or course…


Try not to “travel” while doing burpees- stay in one spot!

Push-Up Leg Switchers

Switch legs simultaneously, great dynamic stretch too.

Chair Jumpovers

Make sure your chair is body weight worthy FIRST!

5 Cone Drill

A great way to train your agility, quickness, and energy systems.

Donkey Kicks

Taxing a lot of your muscle groups simultaneously will fatigue you quickly!

Jump Rope

One of the best conditioning exercises that you can do anywhere. Develop your coordination and rhythm to master new skipping patterns.

Jumping Jacks

Think of all the muscles that are moving while you’re performing these. To get the most bang for your buck, extend your range of motion.

Kick Through

A movement that taxes many systems of the body, fatigues you quickly!



Mountain Climbers

A fast burn for the core, while pushing you metabolic system.

Step Ups

Get creative with different step patterns, useful since you can find a step anywhere.

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