Single Leg Balance Sprinters

Stabilize on one leg, run arms with light dumbbells.

Small Ball Balance Toss

Playing catch with yourself can build core strength!

Overhead Dumbbell Sit-Ups

Try to keep the weights extended overhead.


Single dumbbell, pivoting feet, using rotational strength through hips and shoulders.

Stand Up Sit-Ups

This is harder than it looks (or does it look hard? Ha)

TRX Body Saw

Slight movement, activate your core the entire time.

TRX Crunches

Both feet in cradles or Single Leg for added challenge.

TRX Mountain Climbers

Elongate each leg each rep for complete range of motion.

TRX Pendulum

Try to bring left knee to right elbow, and vice-versa.

TRX Scorpions to Kick-Throughs

Single leg in foot cradle, make sure you alternate each round.

TRX Side Plank Raises

Move slowly, control your swinging with core activation.

Get Ups

Can use a kettlebell or dumbbell. Practice without a weight first, step by step. Work toward smooth movement.

Band Downward Crunch

Activate all the core muscles to fold your torso.

Band Pallof Press

Stand far enough away from the anchor point that you have to fight to remain stable.

Band Woodchoppers

Rotate your total machine as one unit- even your feet are moving.


Whenever doing back-on-floor core exercises, keep your chin off of your chest- imagine a tennis ball is stuck under your chin.


Maybe don’t try this unless you’re a gymnast like Juice! I am not… Haha. But really, build up to this slowly by developing your flexibility- stretching every day.

Pilates 100

Increase difficulty by lowering your legs.

Heavy Ball Slams

Reach as high as you can, on your toes, then explode downward with all your might. But beware the bounceback- don’t throw it back toward your face!

Bird Dogs

Remember the “dorsiflexion” (heel point backward) of your rear foot, and squeeze that glute!

Side Planks

Try to activate all muscles in your core while stabilizing.

Single-Leg Burpees

A great challenge- make sure you switch legs equally.

Push-up Position Leg Switchers

Switch legs simultaneously, great dynamic stretch too.

Plank to Push-Up Position

Transition from position to position one arm at a time. Head to heel, straight as steel!

Seated Russian Twist

Tighten your core muscles and move only as quickly as you can control the dumbbell’s movement.

Single Arm Farmer’s Carry

Seems simple, but grab one weight and try to walk without compensating to one side and you’ll soon feel your core fighting to stabilize.

Single Arm Waiters’ Walk

As above, this move gets challenging very quickly!


Maintain a tight core as you control the dumbbell through a low-to-high path of travel. Be mindful of an athletic position.

Hand Walk-Outs

Take on this challenge gradually- you’ll need to develop flexibility along with core strength.

Side Crab Walks

This one takes some practice- coordination and rhythm are required, not just strength…

Arm Pointers

Only attempt once you’ve gotten a good handle on the push-up position with a solid core.

Arm Opposite Leg Pointers

As above, this is a great balance/stabilization challenge.

Basic Crunch

Press lower back into the floor, developing some pelvic mobility.

Bear Crawls

Stay low and make deliberate movements- can be used as an Active Rest also.

Bicycle Crunches

A quick way to engage all of the abdominal muscles.

Feet Up Crunches

Adds variety to the crunch- good for the body and the mind…

Hip Raises

This is a staple for athletes before serious training. We can use these to strengthen the core, lower back, and glutes.

Kick Throughs

When done slowly and methodically, this is a great core stabilization exercise.

Knee to Inside

Another variation on the push-up position plank, targeting lower abs specifically.

Knee to Outside Elbow

As above, but this movement targets the obliques along with the lower ab complex.


An advanced movement to force your core to adapt and overcome.

T Presses

A tough stabilization challenge!

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