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    Andy McDermott

    Hi guys- we wanted to create a space where members can ask questions, compare notes with each other, and just interact with the community! So, please, use this FORUM for that! Post away! But, in the interest of making this a healthy, positive endeavor, let’s establish a few policies:

    – Be POSITIVE! Yes, it’s absolutely welcome to answer each other’s questions and talk among yourselves. And I don’t expect anyone here will be “overly expert,” condescending, or rude. But, if we see that kind of stuff, we’ll have to remove you from the family!

    – Julie and I will try to keep track of the forum as much as possible- joining discussion and answering questions. But, please be PATIENT with us, as our lives- like yours- are nuts! 🙂

    – Finally, please keep it FAMILY-FRIENDLY. This is a family show, after all. So if you want to include any media in any of your posts, please note that kids very well may be looking at this site…

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