Lower Body

Dumbbell Step-Up Thrusters

Great metabolic challenge!

Dumbbell Switch Jumps

Start off with no weight, only add resistance as capable.

Overhead Dumbbell Squats

Use light weights, stabilize by activating your core.

Single Leg Bench/Chair Squats

Light dumbbells, use bench/chair to stabilize yourself if needed.

Stand Up Sit-Ups

This is harder than it looks (or does it look hard? Ha)

TRX Side Lunge

Maintain your weight on the squatting leg, the side leg will get support from the adductor.

TRX Hamstring Curls

Use hamstrings and glutes to raise hips high.

TRX Single Leg Squat Jump

Tap ground with hands next to front foot before launching upwards.

TRX Switch Jumps

Use arms in handles for stabilization and support.

Dumbbell Jump Squats

Dumbbells add resistance, force you to stabilize.

Sumo Side Walks

Harder than it looks! Keep wide base, only move each foot a few inches at a time.

Band Single Leg RDL

Move slowly. Fight to ensure all toes, knees, hips, and shoulders are facing forward.

Band Squats

Keep your chest up, use your stabilizer muscles to keep proper posture.

Squat Presses

Keep your core tight while pressing and pulling- great stabilization, lower and pulling movement!

Goblet Squats

Remember to keep your chest up- don’t let the weight pull you forward.

Bulgarian Split Squats

Step far enough away from the chair with the front foot so that your front knee doesn’t extend in front of the foot.

Sumo Side Walks

Harder than it looks! Keep wide base, only move each foot a few inches at a time.

Squat Thrusts

Focus on disciplined squat form first; only use weight you can control well.

Hamstring Curls with Elevated Feet

Activate your core, hamstrings, and glutes when performing this movement. At the top, you should feel “straight” from your shoulders to your knees.

Glute Raises

Tighten your core, hamstrings, and glutes when performing this movement.

Speed Skaters

A great exercise for strength and stability training. Try to maintain your athletic position, and don’t allow your knees to travel wider than your ankles.


Any kind of resistance can be used for this classic strengthener. Keep your chest and eyes up to maintain a good athletic posture.

Sumo Dead Lift

A great exercise to target your hamstrings, glutes, and core muscles. Don’t let your head come forward- keep your chest up.

Walking Lunges

Maintain your athletic posture by taking moderately-distanced steps. Don’t let your knees go out farther than your toes.

Basic Squats

Listen to your body when performing squats- gradually increasing your range of motion as your flexibility improves.

Squat Jumps

Think of this in two parts- the quick/explosive jump and the controlled/stabilized landing.

Side Lunge

A great way to train in the “frontal plane” of motion, targeting different muscle groups in the adductors and abductors (groins and hips).

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

One of the best movements for glutes, hamstrings, and core. Focus on tempo- keep the exercise controlled and stable.

Single Leg Squat

Training “unilaterally” forces muscles to work differently and adapt to new loads. Additionally, your core fights to keep you balanced.

Athletic Lunge

As above, with jumping movements, the emphasis on the landing is just as valuable as the explosion.

Broad Squat Jumps

Try to jump up and out- propelling yourself with your arm drive.

Calf Raises

While simple to train, the calves are used in almost every physical movement, so we can’t neglect to strengthen them!

Forward Lunges

Be mindful of your step distance- don’t let your knee travel “past” your toes.

Lunge Jumps

Maintain your “numbers up” posture, limit your tempo to only as quickly as you can control and stabilize.

Reverse 45 Degree Lunge

A good variation, to train in the “transverse” plane of motion.

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