Upper Body Push

Punches From The Guard

From the jujitsu guard, punch upward as quickly as possible.

TRX Chest Press

With all TRX movements, think “head to heel, straight as steel!”

TRX Deltoid Y

Keep slight bend in elbow, don’t bend at the waist.

TRX Handstand Push-Ups

This is an advanced move- build up to it (please! Ha).

TRX Overhead Tricep

Keep elbows in, full range of motion.

TRX Push-Ups

To add a challenge, use single leg in a foot cradle.

Hand Jump Push-Ups

These are just “plyometric” or release push-ups with travel over a ball. Simple, right?

Band Chest Press

Allow the band to give you a good stretch, then squeeze hands together.

Band Overhead Tricep Press

Keep elbows near the ears, pointed to the sky.

Band Shoulder Front Raise

Aim for eye level, keep a slight bend in the elbows.

Band Shoulder Lateral Raise

Raise your wrists to eye level, control the movement.

Band Tricep Kickback

Keep elbows near the ears, pointed to the sky.

Band Shoulder Press

Take this movement slowly, control the resistance.

Ball Switch-Hand Push-Ups

Emphasis on good push-ups, moving the ball slowly back and forth. Remember: head to heel, straight as steel!

Squat Thrusts

Focus on disciplined squat form first; only use weight you can control well.

Tricep Kickbacks

Try to keep elbows high. Palms can be neutral or supinated to face the ground. Knees bent in an athletic position.

Triceps Overhead Extension

Try to limit the elbow travel. Allow the weight to stretch your muscle in the bottom position.

Shoulder Lateral Raises

Raise elbows and hands to about the same height. Maintain a slight bend in the elbows.

Shoulder Presses

Maintain an athletic posture, with core activated.

Floor Chest Press

A great alternative for chest training when you don’t have a bench.

Floor Triceps Crushers

Point your elbows toward the sky, and try to limit their movement.

Incline Push Ups

A good pushing variation. Maintain a strong plank position.

Classic Push Ups

Concentrate on controlled movement and a correct body position.

Tricep Dips

Beginners can bend their knees and support some of their body weight with the legs.

Body Weight Skull Crushers

Remember- head to tail, straight as steel!

Decline Push Ups

Gravity makes this a more challenging push-up. Good for variety.

Shoulder Push Ups

Beginners, work your way up to Handstands by building vertical pushing power with this movement.

Handstand Push Ups

Advanced movement. Start by working on maintaining a handstand position before you attempt the pushing exercise.

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