Nov 3 2016
Train Smarter: the “5 Way Shoulders” superset…
By: Andy McDermott

Sep 21 2016
The Importance of SMART Goal-Setting
By: Andy McDermott

For my first personal training job at Bally’s in Chicago back in 1999, I learned that a client’s goals should be SMART. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Based. This is especially helpful for someone who is just getting started, or wants to make big changes. Example: even if someone might need to lose 75 pounds- that is not the goal that will keep them┬ámotivated day-to-day. First off, weight-loss can be slow at times, which leads to frustration and a feeling of “why am I even doing this?” and then, often, quitting…

But, if you break that into short-term chunks, and re-frame it into a lifestyle idea (not a temporary “diet” idea), then it IS attainable, realistic, and motivational. Example: my goal for this week is to do some type of exercise for 45 minutes each day. Sound simplistic? Good, it is. But start there. If you can do that for one week, then the following week, add another goal: I will have a very healthy post-workout meal each day this week. IMPORTANT NOTE: What happens if you miss a day? Hit the “self-destruct” button? Nope. Don’t beat yourself up. You are human. Just get going the next day.img_20131024_082621

One more thought for the motivation challenge. Put a date on the calendar, a month or two away, when you know that you will want to be “improved.” Then plan something for that day. Maybe an informal photo shoot, a date night, a spa day, a day trip, a long hike, a Facebook video, etc. Just make it something special– if it’s tied to something physical/fitness, then fantastic. You will see it in your schedule and know that it’s coming and you will want to be the best you can be on that day. Pretend you’re Chris Hemsworth, Dwayne Johnson, or Scarlett Johannson who has two months to get ready for that big scene where they won’t be wearing a lot of clothes (of course, they have a personal chef, trainers, masseuses, assistants, and unlimited funds- but don’t think about all of that).

Then, after you’ve completed your special day and you feel terrific about yourself, plan the next one and get even better… ­čÖé


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